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My name is Stas,
I'm a Web Engineer from Ukraine

For the last 9 years I've been building all kinds of web applications using most popular tools that the modern web stack provides. I have several years of experience leading frontend teams, and my biggest passion is creating beautiful and performant products, and immersing into the void of the ever-expanding field of web technologies.

Feel free to get in touch, and don't forget to check my CV. But first let me give you a little spoiler below.

May 2023 - Current Proxet
  • Concretely.co Frontend Engineer

    Cloud-based software platform for concrete delivery.

    [ Ecosystem of 3 applications: web client and 2 mobile apps written in React Native. Real-time updates. ]

  • NDA Frontend Lead

    Dashboard for viewing and launching experiments on microorganisms.

    [ Web UI for a proprietary microphotography device. Customized image viewer with deep zooming, built on OpenSeaDragon. ]

  • Employa 3+ yrs, Frontend Lead

    AI-driven candidate sourcing software startup.

    [ 3 single-page apps with shared ecosystem. Real-time updates. Innovative UI. ]

  • Carmen 6 mos, Frontend Lead

    Job board with AI-powered resume enhancing engine.

    [ Landing with engine demo + SPA job baoard with career-related dashboards. DOCX/PDF editor with recommendations. ]

  • JavaScript Foundations 1 yr, JavaScript Instructor

    Introductory course on JavaScript

    [ All language aspects – from variable declaration to building a single page e-commerce dashboard with AJAX. ]

  • IQVIA 1.5+ yrs, Frontend Lead / PM

    3 web applications for healthcare enterprise

    [ DSL parser written in Peg.js, intergrated into legacy Angular.js app. 2 SPAs in React. Complex hierarchical drag-n-drop interactions. ]

  • Mass General Brigham 9 mos, Frontend Engineer

    Medical research portal for healthcare enterprise

    [ Large single-page comprised of several modules. Form builders with complex validations. ]